December 23, 2015


More to come...

October 10, 2014


Birthday gifts, beautiful flowers and lovely Spring days spent in Melbourne's CBD.

September 23, 2014

September Purchases

 Splurged on a pair of Karen Walker Von Trapp Sunglasses which I have lusted over for about two years. Was lucky enough to put some money towards a silver iPhone 6 as an early birthday present! I am so in love with both items, both have already exceeded my expectations. I feel so privileged.

August 31, 2014

Ending August

August has flown by, I've been up to so much this month but unfortunately didn't have the time to take many photos. The weather has been so nice recently which has really uplifted my mood! I'm so excited for Spring!
I have also been redoing my room so hopefully I can upload a room tour video soon...

July 27, 2014


Colosseum, Vatican, Pantheon.