May Inspiration

May 22, 2014

Currently loving: condensation, misty water, fog, steam and everything blue. 

Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane

May 05, 2014

When in Queensland (about 2 weeks ago) I made it a must do, to see the 'Falling Back to Earth' exhibition by Cai Guo-Qiang at GoMA. And it certainly did not disappoint. The installations were so mesmerising with 99 replica animals in 'Heritage' and 'Head On.' Such a beautiful and inspiring exhibition, looking back over these photos I am still lost for words! 
Also took some time to look around the rest of the gallery, I adored this piece by Taylah Jardine; made of synthetic polymer paint on wood. 
Area around the gallery space! Such a lovely day in Brisbane!


May 01, 2014

In under 60 days I will be heading to France and Italy for three weeks! These parts of Europe are my dream locations to visit! I stumbled across these photos on my tumblr and it has made me even more excited about going! 

Venice, Italy

Monopoli, Italy

The Louvre, Paris

Vider, Paris
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