June 21, 2013

Tinctorial Textiles is a new step in the research on natural pigment. Having mainly experimented with vegetable dyes in the past it was a new step to explore the area of plant dyes. 13 curtain panels executed in semi translucent wool overlap with other each other to create colour blends between the panels.
Raw Color teamed up for the dyeing with Rubia Natural Colour, a dutch company specialised in the development of natural colour agents. The applied dyes are for one part taken from the companies pallet and for the other part especially developed for the project.

The term tinctorial relates to most organic dyeing agents categorized by the term in their Latin name. The dyes used in this project derive from three plants, madder root – ‘Rubia tinctorum’ for the reddish hues, woad – ‘Isatis tinctoria’ for the blueish hues and reseda – ‘Reseda luteola’ for the yellowish hues. All agents are purely applied in different concentrations to achieve more or less saturation. New shades are created by over-dyeing the fabric with two agents resulting in greens, purples and oranges.

(image source: http://www.rawcolor.nl)

for lovers?

June 16, 2013

so complicated...


June 11, 2013

1. Marilyn Monroe inspired dress @ Doncaster Shopping Town
2. Max Brenner 
3. Starbucks
4. Best friend and I @ The Hollywood sign at ACMI
5. Hollywood Costume Exhibition 
6. Stairway @ Marais
7. Tourist shot of Flinders Street Station
8-11. Graffiti @ Hosier Lane
12. Macaroons in Royal Arcade
13. Pet Shop Girls!
14. Issue 1 of SRC783

Cheap Entry

June 06, 2013

 Quick update: sorry for the lack of posting (yet again) have been overloaded with homework, I'll post as frequently as possible throughout the holidays! I have a build up of photos to post too!

So..... throughout the past month I've explored a lot of Melbourne's inner city! I went to the amazing Marais store off Little Collins Street and on the same floor was a little exhibition called 'Cheap Entry'! I took photos of all the pieces because I thought they looked great!

Until next time xo
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