Balenciaga Fall 2013

March 04, 2013

Plenty have questioned if Alexander Wang was up to the challenge of Balenciaga's creative director... Wang has clearly studied the brand's archives, The show felt true to Cristóbal's lines. Cocoon coats, jackets with rounded volumes, petal skirts, molded peplums, bracelet sleeves. I was very impressed with Alexander Wang's work but I think he played things algong the safe side.
I loved...
How the use of the peplum isn't tacky

The perfect cocoon coat

The precise tailoring of this skirt

The backing of this dress

How beautifuly tailored this outfit is

View the full collection here!


  1. I absolutely loved that collection as well so beautiful !!

  2. Loved the collection, I hope Wang continues to live up to the expectations of Ghesquire!

    Love your blog, Im following and I hope you'll folio me back!



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