February 06, 2014

1-3/ Urban Outfitters order arrived today! I bought Deena & Ozzy Boots, Evil Twin Jacket, Lucca Couture Jumper & Women of Hip-Hop colouring book. I'm so excited for winter and have so many looks up my sleeve right now! I also purchased a pair of One Teaspoon Shorts while they had their massive sale going!

4/ My best friend recently came home from a trip to America and thankfully he spoilt me so much. He bought me HURRAW! Green Tea Lip Balm, Wu-Tang Tee from Forever 21, Pop Magazine and a N.W.A Poster! I'm also obsessing over Zappo's at the moment, really not a good choice haha.

5/ Gathering down the Surf Coast on Australia Day. This day was one of my favourite days this summer, spent with the best people and had such a fun time!

6/ Russh Magazine's 2014 Astrology Report- My star sign is Libra, I try to never fall into the trap of Horoscopes but somehow I always cave... Literally hope I have a 2014 like Russh predicts. Recently I have become so fascinated by Astrology.

6/ Found this image when I found my blogspot theme, unfortunately there was no credit to the image but I thought it looked super cool and it somehow goes with my unusual post title?


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I love those boots. I would have never thought they came from Urban!

  2. those boots look like they're going to be really fun to wear! Really cool :)


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